How Omniscience Supports the Doctrine of the Trinity (Apologetics – Brief Essay)

An interesting idea to contemplate, is whether the divine trait of omniscience supports the Christian concept of the Trinity. Consider that God, by definition, is the greatest conceivable/possible being. As such, God should be all-knowing, in the sense of possessing all types and pieces of knowledge. So, all other things being equal, if some being—let’s […]

Boethius’s Life: A Case Study that Solves the Evidential Problem of Evil (Apologetics – Essay)

Introduction Over the past generation, the Evidential Problem of Evil has arisen as one of the most popular arguments against the existence of an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent God. This is the idea that the existence of allegedly unjustified and gratuitous evil makes God’s existence highly unlikely. At the same time, when it was created, […]

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