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What is Good Leadership? (Self-Help – Thought)

Good leadership is making the right decisions, holding the right traits, expressing the right style, and using the right communication to a given individual or group given the specific context and circumstances present at the time that a particular incident or issue is occurring in order to achieve or maintain maximal overall effectiveness for future […]

Science vs. Atheism: Exposing the Crippling Conflicts between Science & Atheistic-Naturalism (Apologetics – Essay)

Summary: Atheistic-naturalism—the most popular and viable form of atheism, which says that the natural, material world is all that exists—is normally seen as a great ally of science. This essay seeks to counter this perception, and furthermore, it strives to show that there actually exist crippling conflicts between science and atheistic-naturalism. The essay will demonstrate […]

Jesus Christ…Why as a Carpenter (Theology – Thought)

One of the most interesting theological questions to ponder is why Jesus Christ—the Second Person of the Most Blessed and Holy Trinity—allowed Himself to be born into life circumstances where He would be raised as a carpenter (or, more generally, as a tradesman or builder) when He incarnated into man’s glorious yet also pathetic form. […]

The Gospels & Dealing with the Objection that Eyewitness Testimony is Unreliable (Apologetics – Article)

Even when skeptics and unbelievers concede that the Gospels may be based on eyewitness testimony, an objection that they nevertheless still raise is to claim that eyewitness testimony is unreliable. Indeed, they argue that Christians ignore the myriad of issues that exist concerning the reliability of eyewitness testimony, thereby implying that even if the Gospels […]